A healthy lifestyle for body and mind

Taking care of one’s body is taking care of one’s mind:

1. Giving priority to our biological balance:
Beyond a healthy diet, practicing a physical activity is necessary (endurance rather than short-time) ideally 30min, 3 times a week. Its benefits on health are many:

- feed all organs and tissues of our bodies (bones, brain, heart, joints) with energy energy-yielding and protective substances (amino acids, glucose, oxygen)

- multiply our energy-production capacity in our bodies

- maintain our muscle mass, tonicity and elasticity of our muscle fibers (heart, inner lining of your blood vessels)

- sweat to help one’s body to regularly eliminate stored toxins via its emunctories

- keep our weight adapted to our height (BMI) not storing excess fat

- help one’s psychological well-being by the brain’s secretion of endorphins

2. Work on one’s breathing and posture via body creative physical activities: singing, dance, martial arts, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi

3. Treat oneself to personal care by a qualified therapist: massages, acupuncture, shiatsu, osteopathy, fascia therapy

4. To be used in prevention : phytotherapy, nutritherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy

5. Do not wait until the following day to see your doctor if you have doubts about your health. He will have access to more precise biological analysis and if necessary will prescribe you some specific medicaments.

Taking care of our minds is taking care of our bodies:

1. Keep in touch on a regular basis with nature, origin of our vitality and harmony

2. Practice artistic creation: let our unconscious express itself

3. Travel to different cultures: open one’s mind to the world to reach a better understanding of oneself

4. Do not hesitate to get help from a qualified therapist: EMDR, EFT, Art-therapy, sophrology, hypnotherapy, NLP, cardiac coherence

5. Cultivate our inner garden: meditation, mindfullness, positive thinking, visualisation

6. Take care of our inner child: rediscover the power of laughter and marvel at trifles

7. Work on a feeling of gratitude and altruism towards others day after day

8. Learn to forgive: Ho'oponopono method