CNAF complexes

What are they?

A new generation of nutritional complements to serve healthcare practicioners: functional nutri-active ingredients.

They are the outcome of the health alliance between phytotherapy, micronutrition and nutraceuticals.

CNAFs’ goals: to become a tool both target-based and reliable for a Health professional in the care of a patient.

CNAFs’ origins: efficiently answering the population’s growing physiological imbalances as a complement to allopathy in order to participate in a new Health model based on notion of field.


- phytotherapy uses natural remedies made of plant segments, entire plants (totum) or plant extracts

- micronutrition can fill in micronutritional deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements, microbiotic stems) that would otherwise be a basis to chronic physiological imbalances  when food is not diversified and of sufficient quality  or if the environment is too aggressive

- nutraceuticals naturally exist in food and have a positive effect on health (amino acid, Omega 3 fatty acid, enzymes, phyto-flavonoids, marine collagen)