Preserve one's health

To delay chronic diseases poisoning our existences at all ages and mostly towards the end of our lives, it is necessary to be more attentive to the notion of field and even more so early prevention of such chronic diseases. It is true that in many cases once too critical, a curative approach is vital when preventive actions cannot render a sufficient retroactive effect. However, it can be delayed or even avoided for the greatest relief of the patient and his/her health system. Do we wish to pass on an indebted and agonising health protection system to future generations?

Our health is global. It could be defined as a delicate and permanent balance resting on three fundamental cornerstones: our psyche’s strength, managing our emotions and optimising our physiological condition. Neglecting one of the three cornerstones first leads in the short term to our organism compensating instinctively then to the appearance of a disease in the medium/long term, according to one’s original vitality (or health capital). By definition, a capital is limited. It is our responsibility to care to maintain it through a healthy lifestyle.

In this context, would it not be useful to favour integrative and preventive medicine to provide the patient with comprehensive care as early as possible in his/her life? It would take into account his/her personality, past, habits and environment.

We thus wish to accompany our clients and professional health partners to developing a new global health model based on the three following criterion:

  • Food for health: diversified and balanced - "Let food be your medicine" Hippocrates
  • Food supplements targeted and adapted to each patient thanks to nutri-active and functional complexes: CNAF®
  • A conscious health style based on harmonious interaction between body and mind: our body is nothing without our mind and vice versa.

 If you are either a patient or a health professional, we would gladly work together towards this new Art of Living.