Our 10 commitments

1 New 3-in-1 concept: Functional Nutri-Active Ingredients (CNAF®), clever synergy between phytotherapy, micronutrition and nutraceutics.

2 Formulations specifically adapted to adults’ silent and growing chronic imbalances.

3 Natural is the key word: minerals, oligo-elements, vitamins, marine and plant-active fatty acids, plant totum, botanical extracts with active ingredients, enzymes, microbiotic stems, marine-origin caps, 100% botanical-origin caps.

4 Medicinal plants validated by European (ESCOP) and German (E Commission) pharmacopoeia as well as World Health Organisation (WHO).

5 Guaranteed efficiency and innocuousness: our functional nutri-active ingredients are chosen according to their scientific approvals across the world (based on research materials).
Safety instructions are clearly indicated for more safety and a better synergy with allopathic treatments.

6 Quality before quantity. Priority is given to the controlled quality and efficiency of our ingredients: high and reproducible concentration in identified active ingredients; guaranteed bacteriological hygiene; free of GMOs, preservatives, colorants, gluten and lactose; systematic control of heavy metals.

7 Our products are made in France conforming to ISO 22000 international standards, on foodstuff safety including traceability.

8 All our products are officially declared and made in conformance with the French legislation in force.

9 Priority is given to our clients’ comfort: to reduce their daily intake.

10 Priority is given to our clients’ with low income: multi-ingredient products to reduce the number of associated items.