Our know-how

  • Conceptual:

- A holistic approach aware of our Health
- Teach individuals consumption with a conscience (choice of foodstuff and nutritional complements)
- Choosing collective interest rather than personal interest

  • Scientific:

Our scientific expertise dedicated to Health prevention: areas of expertise in Health Diet, Phytotherapy, Micronutrition and use of Nutraceutics (or medifood).

  • Technical:

Conception, formulation and marketing of a new generation of nutritional complements dedicated to Healthcare practicioners and precisely answering growing physiological imbalances of their patients.
All ingredients in each of our products were specifically selected for their efficiency, quality and hygiene levels.
Any ingredient with a low scientific evidence level was previously discarded.
Any available ingredient which active concentration was insufficient regarding sought after properties, was previously discarded.
Products made in France conforming to ISO 22000 international standards guaranteeing their full traceability.